As it so often does, Jimmy Fallon is to blame.

The Tonight Show host personally put out a call on Twitter yesterday for people to “change the title of a movie to make it fit with quarantining,” and to do it with the hashtag #QuarantineAMovie so the results could possibly be shared on television. Hundreds upon hundreds of bored cinephiles trapped inside by coronavirus obliged, delivering some very funny answers to Fallon’s request. What else were they supposed to do? Go outside? They can’t! It’s not allowed. Social media is all we have left at this point. It’s just us and the memes from here on out. What a life.

Here’s a few of our favorite #QuarantineAMovie memes so far. Some of them are obvious. But a lot of them are really clever...

This one is really good.

Here’s one of the first ones we thought of too:

(We actually recommend you practice social network distancing right now too, but this is a good answer nonetheless.)

[nods sadly]

A few had some very impressive Photoshop images to go along with the gag, like this one:

That one really hurts, because we’re already worrying that our summer vacation is actually going to be canceled. Maybe things will work out quickly. If not, let’s hope Jimmy Fallon has more ideas for hashtag games we can play.

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