Coffee drinkers, don't throw those coffee grounds in the trash.  There are a number of ways reuse them.  From cleaning, repelling, and deodorizing, check out how you can reuse those grounds: 

  1. Cleaning.  I never would have guessed that coffee grounds could be a cleaner, I mean they are messy themselves but they are slightly abrasive. They can used as a non scratching, scouring agent to remove grease and grime. You can use them as hand cleanser to remove food smells, too, wet or dried out.
  2. Repellant.  A natural bug repellant.  No, don't rub it all over your skin, rather use it as a bug repellant for the garden.  Apparently ants, snails and slugs to not like coffee.  Can prevent your kitty from using the garden as a bathroom, too.
  3. Deodorizer.  Dry the grounds and you are left with aromatic pieces that can be placed in a bowl to give off that coffee smell you love so much.  Place on counter, in the frig, or sprinkle over the trash.
  4. Plant Food.  Some plants prefer acidic soil.  Coffee grounds can be a natural way of giving evergreens, rose bushes, and rhododendrons what they need.  Just mix with soil around the plants.

Easy ways to reuse the coffee grounds from your daily cups(s) of joe.

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