Helpful Uses For Reusing Coffee Grounds
Coffee drinkers, don't throw those coffee grounds in the trash.  There are a number of ways reuse them.  From cleaning, repelling, and deodorizing, check out how you can reuse those grounds:
$50 Cup Of Coffee Made Special From Elephants
I admit that do enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning.  Would I spend $50 for a cup of coffee that promises to be smooth and bitter free?  Would you? What could be so special about this coffee that it costs so much?  Well, it is the process more than the coffee itself.
Coffee Could Be The Secret To Life [Video]
I received an email from one of my BFF's that I would like to pass along.  Now, normally I don't share these sort of things but once I watched the video I thought it was a good message.  It's your morning coffee like you never had before...
Civet Coffee
Dan and I were talking about coffee this morning and he really threw me a curve ball.  He was telling me about Kopi Luwak or Civet coffee.

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