Former Glee star Mark Salling — most well-known for his role as Puck on the show  — has settled a lawsuit in which his ex-girlfriend sued him for "sexual battery."

According to TMZ, the actor's former girlfriend, Roxanne Gorzela, claims that she consented to sex with Salling in 2011 — until he allegedly forced her to have unprotected sex, the site reports. A few days after this encounter, Gorzela reportedly went to Salling's apartment to talk because she allegedly believed she contracted an STD. TMZ reports that Gorzela claims that the two fought and the actor threw her to the ground, badly injuring her knees in the process. Salling, however, allegedly maintains that she broke into his home and attacked him while he just acted in self-defense.

TMZ reports that the case settled on Monday (March 23). While the sexual battery claim was dropped, the actor allegedly admitted to "negligently causing [Gorzela] to fall and injure herself." He also agreed to pay her $2.7 million in damages, including $1.8 million in pain and suffering, $180,000 in "past non-economic damages," $666,000 in "future medicals" and $64,145 in "past medicals," TMZ reports. Gorzela reportedly agreed to seek out Salling's insurance for payment instead of the actor himself.

Oddly enough, Salling allegedly gets a cut of what his insurance pays to his ex because the insurance company initially rejected his own claim.

Gleeks, what is your take on this story?

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