Even if you don't have Alexa, you know about this convenience oriented technology that has made it's way into millions of American homes.  Alexa uses third-party apps that are downloaded to your Alexa account to provide information, music and other entertainment.  Believe it or not, Alexa currently has more than 70,000 skills that you can enable.  It's pretty crazy!

I don't have an device with Alexa because this technology, although it's very handy, creeps me out due to the fact that it's always listening to what people in your household are saying.  It's a glorified spy.  That aside, I came across the funniest, laugh-out-loud video sketch about Alexa from Saturday Night Live that is HILARIOUS! Now, it does poke fun at the elderly so if you are sensitive to that topic, you may want to take a pass, otherwise, watch it below and enjoy!

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