How fun is this?!  Candy boxes for your favorite decade.  Each box contains the popular candy of the desired time period.

I picked the 1980's box which contains goodies like: Ring Pop, Atomic Fireball, Starburst, and Bubble Tape.  The other decade candy boxes include favorites like:

1950's: Necco, Chuckles, Candy Buttons, Lifesavers, and more.
1960's: Dots, Red Hots, Sugar Daddy, Wax Lips, and more.
1970's: Pop Rocks, Gobstopper, Pixie Stix, Rainblo, and more.
1990's: Skittles, Gummy Bears, Nerds, Airheads, and more.

I think these are a fun gift idea.  I am sure there are other candies we could think of to add to the boxes...great conversation starter.


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