Bassett Healthcare Network is pleased to announce that former New York State Senator James Seward has agreed to join Bassett Healthcare Network in an advisory capacity as a strategic affairs liaison. Given the former senator's decades of public service and intimate knowledge of the communities served by Bassett, he will contribute valuable insight as the network seeks to enhance its services to the individuals and families living in rural central New York.

 “I wanted to continue actively serving our communities and improving our quality of life after leaving the Senate,” explains Seward. “What better way than by collaborating with Bassett? I will be advising on strategic initiatives to advance the network, improve the patient experience, and strengthen Bassett’s ties in the community.”

 “Joining Bassett is a natural extension of Jim’s life and career,” says Bassett Healthcare Network President and CEO Dr. Tommy Ibrahim. “As a state senator, he was a strong advocate of programs that support the health and well-being of the people in our region. This is just another way to serve the community he loves.”

 Seward is enthusiastic about his new role. “Bassett’s presence and services make the region more attractive to businesses. As a major employer, Bassett is a big part of the region’s economic engine. Having quality health care helps to make our region a very special place.”

 Seward retired from the NYS Senate in December after representing New York’s 50th and 51st Districts for 34 years. “I’m ready to tackle new things. But I’m also glad to do this on a part-time basis. I do want to smell the roses a bit, too.”

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