Flo Rida is one festive guy. Aside from bringing the party to Rockefeller Plaza yesterday (Nov. 19), he also sat down for a chat with the show's Backstage Pass series, blowing the 'Whistle' on everything from food comas to football to his romantic life. And we hate to break it to you, but it was cold enough for him to leave his shirt on for once.

Chatting about his moving 'I Cry' video, Flo explained a lot of the sad, soaking wet imagery. "The scene with me in the bathroom just reflects me looking in the mirror, just going back to when I was a child, just reminiscing" he said. Fun fact? One of Flo's relatives actually plays him as a youngster in the clip. "My nephew actually plays me in the video," Flo said. "I did something that was next level, so you see me drowning in my tears, and praying and everything just brought me out."

The jacked star, who's developing his own workout DVD, also chatted about giving back via athletics. Though he created the Florida Youth Football League, he didn't forget about the girls who needed an outlet, too. He also sponsored a cheerleading competition in conjunction with the pigskin league! "I grew up in a household of eight women, and it's just a natural thing to support youth as far as the girls and females go," he explained. "I went out there, we gave out some trophies, the young families of the girls were very happy. It was just amazing." Love that!

So what kind of plans does the fun-loving rapper have for Turkey Day -- aside from performing at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? "Thanksgiving -- all my nieces and nephews, entire family, food from everywhere," he smiled. "You stuff yourself ... but for me, I have to go to the gym the very next day." He practices what he preaches!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, will he be spending it with a special lady? Sounds like the 'Wild Ones' rapper is available, girls ... so head out to the gym on Black Friday. You might find him!

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