Flo Rida was blinged out to the nth degree when he took the stage at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards tonight (July 22.) While he wore a sleeveless denim vest, it was both his mic and the mic stand that were encrusted with blinding jewels and his name. It was like brass knuckles on steroids. Flo most certainly goes big, with his mics and his hooks! It certainly made a statement. But the bedazzled equipment took a backseat once the camera noticed Taylor Swift rocking the heck out in the crowd. She’s definitely a Flo fan and he even serenaded her.

Flo started out with a few bars of ‘Whistle,’ and that’s when the camera cut to America’s sweetheart Swift, dancing like no one was watching in the crowd. When Flo bled into his major hit ‘Wild Ones,’ the camera once again panned to our girl T. Swift, singing and doing hand motions while she tossed off the raps. Too. Freakin’. Cute. You know she sings this song in her car, at full volume.

Flo hopped off the stage to hit the crowd for a sec, and he made a beeline for Swift. He held her hand while they sang his lyrics to each other and while she jumped up and down in her pretty white party frock. Is a hip-hop record on the horizon for Taylor Swift? It’s certainly not out of the question, since she’s got flow. Or at least “Flo,” in this case.

Swift antics aside, Flo is easily the best pop rap artist around. His tunes are infectious and his lyrical flow is unmesswithable.

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