Today is sadly my last day here at Townsquare Media as a summer intern. I have enjoyed my time here these past two months and have learned so much about the media field.

I have appreciated the freedom I've been given to write whatever has come to my mind and have been encouraged to do so. I've written everything from local news and sports to recipes I've made in my kitchen and my hiking adventures across the region. I've even made videos tasting ice cream flavors, how many interns can say they've done that? This freedom has made the drive to Oneonta from Stamford worth it every day.

I have also been given the skills to produce, voice and edit radio packages, something I had no concept of coming in. It has been rewarding to hear my voice over the airwaves and have others comment that they were impressed by hearing my stories too.

In addition, I have gained the knowledge of what goes on daily at a media company. I've had experience in a variety of capacities. I've reported the news daily, updated websites, operated the radio board, utilized Associated Press stories, posted contests and even tasted Dan the Man's BBQ journey recipes on Monday mornings.

During my time here I have had some of my first authentic "journalist" experiences. I have covered my first official press conference at A.O. Fox Hospital and most recently, had the opportunity to cover my first major sporting event, the National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductions in Cooperstown. These are the types of experiences that I will remember throughout my career.

I can not thank the people I have worked with enough for these opportunities and their willingness to teach me what they do every single day. I have benefited tremendously from this experience and now can't imagine what my summer would have been without it. I would like to thank everyone I have worked with, Big Chuck, Leslie, Tracie, Eric and especially Dan for welcoming here, answering my sometimes stupid questions and treating me like one of their own.

This experience has taught me the value of taking every opportunity afforded to you, no matter how big or small. This internship and the skills gained I have gained here will stay with me throughout my career. Thank you once again for the opportunity to work with Townsquare Media Oneonta.

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