Two generations of British singer-songwriters joined forces at the 2013 Grammy Awardswhen Elton John teamed up with Song of the Year nominee Ed Sheeran for an excellent rendition of 'The A Team.'

Normally, we might a call a performance with only acoustic guitar and piano "stripped down," but since Sheeran's original recording featured little more than guitar, the new arrangement with both instruments actually gave the song more color and brought the melodies to life.

Aside from his sparkly suit, Sir Elton was low-key this time, in contrast to his past Grammy collaborations with Eminem and Lady Gaga that featured huge production value. The 21-year-old Sheeran opened the song, while the 65-year-old John came in to take over vocals during the chorus and they harmonized the rest of the way.

Keeping it simple was definitely the way to go for 'The A Team,' a serious song about a troubled girl who turns to drugs and prostitution. The performers ended the song with a smile and a big high five.

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