It's not something one expects to happen in the afternoon on a sunny day - a hit and run. We tend to think of those things as happening late at night but in this case, it happened on the afternoon of Thursday, October 28 on County Highway 26 near Fly Creek, NY.

The Otsego County Sheriff's Office, New York State Police, and the Fly Creek Volunteer Fire Department responded to a hit and run incident where a driver was hit by another vehicle and landed in a swampy area, half-submerged in water. The amazing part is that not only did the victim manage to escape the vehicle, but was also uninjured according to the Sheriff's Office.

The hit and run victim's name has not been released and police say that they are still trying to find the driver who caused the crash as the investigation continues. Anyone who has any information regarding this hit and run should contact the police at (607) 547-4271.

Photos below are courtesy of the Otsego County Sheriff's Office and taken from the site of the hit and run.

Credit: Otsego County Sheriff's Office, Facebook
Credit: Otsego County Sheriff's Office, Facebook
Credit: Otsego County Sheriff's Office, Facebook

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