What do door springs do? Apparently, more than just stop your door from causing damage!

Those door springs attached to the walls in your home are there to protect your wall and paint from scratches and dents as your doors swing open in various rooms.

Sure, occasionally the cat will play with it or a bored kid will fiddle with it, but there is apparently another use for it that is blowing minds on TikTok.

TikTok user @the_artful_odds shared a clip showing how you can use that spring to hold your door open.

"From doorstopper to door keeper. #lifehack #fyp," they captioned a viral clip that has amassed over 1.8 million views as of publishing.

Watch the clip here:

In the video, the user describes if you place the spring underneath the door it will keep the door from swinging shut.

Users' minds were blown by the life hack.

"OK at this point I don’t even know if I’m breathing correctly," one person wrote, while another commented: "Wow, I honestly didn't know this thank you."

"Ooo only took me 17 years to find this out yay me," a third said, while a fourth commented: "I just realized that's why it's a spring, the spring has no justification otherwise."

Others who viewed the clip even tested it out. "What?! I had weights to hold our doors open… I tried it. It works!" a user wrote.

"It works.... I'm just quiet right now," another commented.

Another person joked that they've "learned more from TikTok than any school" they've ever attended.

Artful Odds uploaded a second TikTok video showing how you can also place the spring on the side of the door to keep it open as well.

Watch the clip here:

"I was today years old when I learned this," a user commented on that video.

Us too, to be honest! As the saying goes: You learn something new every day.

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