When I was a kid, THE place to shop with multiple shops indoors was the Pyramid Mall on Route 7 in Oneonta.  It was Oneonta's first mall.  Do you remember it?  It was located where the Foxcare Center is now and it opened in 1962.  It pretty much had everything you needed: a Loblaws supermarket (an anchor store), Fay's Drugs, branches of the Oneonta Savings and Loan Association and Mechanics Exchange bank, although that was the outside building which is now a branch of Community Bank. The Pyramid Mall also included Brandow's Barber Shop, Ardy's Snack Bar, Quality Cleaners, Barbara Briggs Beauty Shop, The Oneonta General Store, Coddington's Florist and Friar Tuck Book Store. Of course other stores replaced some of those original businesses over the years.  I fondly remember shopping at Barkers and Nichols

When the Southside Mall opened in 1983, the Pyramid Mall just couldn't compete with the new, bigger mall and it wasn't long before it closed its doors. Fortunately, the empty Pyramid Mall was purchased by Bettiol Enterprises who turned it into the Foxcare Center with healthcare services.  It was a wonderful transition into something the community still enjoys to this day.

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