We were talking about our favorite films, and this one popped into Michaels' head for whatever reason.

It's a short film from 1972 that was shown in schools to show kids why sitting down and shutting the hell up is important to everyone's safety.

The film follows the final bus rides of fictitious bus drivers Wally Vega and Emma Hammer.

As far as the crashes went, neither of the crashes were the fault of the drivers, but the rowdiness of the kids on the bus.

The disturbances in the video range from knife fighting, smoking and drug use to dogs and mice being let loose on the bus.


Check out this other video sent to us by Scott. He said this was the one he had to watch. I went ahead and timestamped it to the climax - where a kid gets rolled over by the bus.

This was part three of Death Zones. Check out the other two parts.

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