TikTok user @BrittBarbie3 has gone viral for a new catchphrase turned song involving periods.

In the initial TikTok posted on Aug. 20, Britt is heard saying “Period, ahhh!” after every item she revealed in her haul. Evidentially, people thought it was hilarious and it’s racked up nearly a quarter of a million likes with millions of views on each of her videos with the sound.

Her followers couldn’t get enough of it and Britt continued to use the relatable catchphrase and frustration.

Fellow TikTokers have remixed her original version in addition to making compilations taking some of the best reaction videos to it.

After teasing her followers with clips, she released an official song based on the video, “Period Ahh Period Uhh" under the name Britt Barbie. As of now, the tune is available to stream on YouTube and TikTok.

Now, real rappers including Yung Baby Tate have duetted the song putting their own spins on her viral tune. Watch Yung Baby Tate's take, below.

You might be wondering why she looks so familiar. Earlier this year, she first went viral when she shared the moment when she realized that hair grows from the top of the scalp. She previously believed that it grew from the ends at the bottom of your hair follicle.

"Is there hair in my head? Like actually like in there? Where is it coming from? Like, I'm scared for real. I don't know... Is it like in my forehead?!" she questioned in the clip that has received over 19 million views.

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