One of the greatest things about Derek Jeter during his Hall of Fame career with the New York Yankees is avoided controversy and drama like no star of his caliber ever has in New York. Now ESPN is going to "pull back the curtain" on Jeter's career in New York and now in Miami in "The Captain" scheduled to be released in 2022. As a Yankee and Derek Jeter fan I will 100% be watching the entire docuseries but if they want it to be great rather than good they need to tell the story that Jeter somehow kept quiet for over twenty years of his dating life and more.

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Obviously you can do plenty of great on the field stories like the dive into the stands against the Red Sox, The Flip against the A's and the moment where he tells President George W Bush if he bounces the first pitch after 9/11 he'll get boo'd. I would be bummed if we didn't get that "The Last Dance" moment where they're showing Michael Jordan footage on an iPad and he's reacting with Jeter in the Jordan role. So that's a big part I expect from this project that the NY Post will be a collaboration of ESPN, MLB and The Player's Tribune. However, that would just be scratching the surface of what they show us.

Here's what I'm hoping for when I watch "The Captain" next year. I need at least one episode featuring the many "loves" of Jeter. Before marrying Hannah Davis in 2016, The Captain had been romantically linked to the likes of Tyra Banks, Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel, Adrianna Lima, Jordanna Brewster, Scarlet Johansson, and Mariah Carey just to name a few. The fact that Jeter was seen with all these beautiful and talented women yet details of their relationships never became public is an amazing feet. So SPILL THE TEA (as the kids say) and tell us everything!

There needs to be an in-depth account of the drama between Jeter and Yankees' General Manager Brian Cashman when negotiating what ended up being a three-year $51 million contract keeping Jeter with the Yankees from 2011-2014. Multiple insiders and reporters have told the tale of those talks severely damaging the relationship between The Captain and the Yankees.

The final story I truly hope they "pull back the curtain" on is the Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter feud. I posted a recounting of what we believe happened years ago. You can refresh your memory HERE. I have trouble believing that the MLB and the Player's Tribune which Jeter is a founder of will dig deep into the more dramatic aspects of Jeter's personal life but I'll cross my fingers and hope.

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