Many local businesses have been struggling to reopen effectively due to a lack of people interested in returning to work. One local festival may not be able to happen this year because of a lack of volunteers. The event we're talking about is one of the most popular in the Mohawk Valley.

The Little Falls Cheese Festival is always a good time and attracts over 70 vendors and tons of visitors. While the event was cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the much anticipated event will resume this October, at least that is the plan. There is one concern that organizers of the festival have and that is the dire need for volunteers, or as they call them members of the Curd Herd.

As an incentive to volunteer this year, committee members have decided to make the volunteer shifts 2-hours long so that everyone can enjoy the festival. Simply put, if there are not enough volunteers the event WILL NOT HAPPEN. According to an article on organizers have made the conditions of the festival clear.

For the 6th Little Falls Cheese Festival to happen as planned on Saturday, October 2, “we need help!” Team Cheese has announced. “Assuming Covid-19 restrictions completely recede, we really want to go forward. “If we are able to round up 60 or 70 volunteers—past ones and new ones—we can do this. If we cannot, we cannot.”

Teri Chase of 'Team Cheese' tells My Little Falls, "we’re only doing the Festival if there are NO Covid-19 restrictions or protocols to enforce. At this point, we are optimistic! We want to return better than ever." If the festival were to happen today, they would be in the clear. If the fall brings about a resurgence of the virus or a spike in cases the event will be cancelled.

The hope is that the festival will have ample members of the Curd Herd and the region will have low COVID-19 numbers so the celebration can go on. Back in the Fall of 2019 it was the biggest and best year for the event with attendance numbers topping 5,000. This years event is scheduled for Saturday, October 2, 2021 from 10AM to 5PM on Main Street in Little Falls. The event will take place Rain or Shine! Only service dogs will be permitted and festival goers are encouraged to bring a cooler for your perishable purchases.

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