I've seen a variety of vending machines that specialize in some interesting items. Obviously, there vending machines that specialize in snacks, soda, coffee, frozen foods, milk and bill changers to name a few.

I've also seen vending machines that dispense live bait including night crawlers and shiners. Great if you are heading out to go fishing and don't want to dig up your backyard for worms. Check out this video of a couple purchasing shiners from a live bait machine, and how well they did on their fishing trip. The bit about the vending machine starts about 5 minute in the video. It's hilarious.

Anyway, now there's something from the vending world that will please those who love bacon. There is an article at Saratoga Living about a vending machine that dispenses bacon. They report that a meat and cheese shop in Warrensburg, New York has a vending machine that dispenses bacon. But not just bacon. This vending machine also has cheese and sausage items available among other foods.

The article in Saratoga Living mentions that it's a great item for those who are not comfortable going into the store during the current pandemic or to just avoid lines at the checkout.

It's a cold vending machine located outside the store so it can be accessed anytime day or night. You never know when that craving for bacon might hit you. Would you be comfortable buying bacon, cheese and sausage among other cold items from a vending machine? I think I would.

And what if we go one further? How about a vending machine that has more of a local feel. You know, one that would dispense spiedies? Not sure that would work, but if there are vending machines that can pump out a pizza, why not spiedies?

Just the same, I think we just some of these bacon and cheese vending machines to pop up in the Binghamton area. Bring on the bacon!

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