The intersection of Hite Road and State Route 7 in Richmondville, NY was the site of a fatal motorcycle accident late Sunday afternoon according to New York State Police at Cobleskill.

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A motorist, 25-year-old Emily Barner of Olean, was driving in her sedan when she made a left-hand turn onto Rt. 7. Tragically, she did not see the motorcycle with two passengers that she ended up pulling in front of. The passengers of the motorcycle, which crashed right into her vehicle were 70-year-old Thomas G. Tilison and 45-year-old Tracy L. Tilison, both of Richmondville.

First responders declared the pair dead at the scene of the accident. Barner was taken to Cobleskill Regional Hospital with minor injuries.

According to the New York State Department of Health, here are some statistics regarding accidents involving motorcycles:

  • Motorcyclists between 20-24 years of age have the highest death rate of all age groups.
  • On average, 166 people die each year from motorcycle crashes in New York State.
  • On average, 1,600 New Yorkers are treated at a hospital each year as a result of motorcycle crashes; that is an average of 16 people every day. These hospital visits result in approximately $80 million in charges every year.

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