The coronavirus has shut down a lot of businesses and halted production on movies and TV shows. It has also postponed the launch of one streaming service that was going to bring back one of our favorite shows, "Friends". It was no surprise that television and movie production came to a halt. The coronavirus has shut down a ton of things. It has also postponed the launch of the HBO Max streaming service.

According to WRGZ, the HBO Max streaming service was supposed to launch in May with a special "Friends" reunion. The reunion can't air because they didn't get it taped before the coronavirus shut everything down. They were going to then make all two hundred and thirty-six episodes available. The service will cost $14.99 but now the launch of HBO Max has been pushed back.

When they are able to start filming, they will call the special, "celebration of a beloved show" and they will shoot it in the same sound stage as the original.

As exciting as this is, I guess we will just have to be a little bit more patient.

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