A Cobleskill man with a long history of violence, agression and sexual deviance killed a man on Tuesday afternoon when he intentionally rammed the victim with his car.  During the savage outburst, he also killed two dogs and displaced many others when the vehicle he was driving smashed through a Cobleskill hotel and into the room of the motel where both the victim and the perp had been living.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

According to the Times Union, 53-year-old Raymond George Jr. of Cobleskill intentionally rammed his vehicle into 50-year-old James Williams as he sat out in front of the Colonial East motel in Cobleskill.  According to the report, George Jr. and Williams had gotten into an arguement earlier in the day.

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According to the Cobleskill Police Department, it was just after 12PM on Tuesday afternoon when they responded to a call that a vehicle had rammed into the motel.  When they got there, Willams was already deceased and it was determined that he was sitting on a bench outside of the motel with his two dogs when the violent ambush took place.

The crash caused George's vehicle to bust through the walls of the motel while coming to rest inside the room that Williams had been staying.  According to the report, many others living inside the motel had to leave their place of residence after the building was deemed unsafe.

Cobleskill police say one of the two dogs sitting with Williams was pronounced dead when they arrived and the other dog had to be put down later in the day.

Police say that George Jr., a level-3 sex offender on parole, tried to flee the scene but was apprehended a short time later.  He's been charged with first-degree manslaughter and is being held without bail according to the information provided.

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