The feel good story of the school year has already happened and we're just a few weeks in.

Ryan Keller is a special needs student and freshman at Byron High School who also plays for the football team.

This past weekend, Keller and the rest of the Byron Tigers played Belvidere North High School. Belvidere North led 13-0 with time running out when, according to Jeff Welte:

The coach put in our special needs player at running back. The Belvidere North kids did a great job of missing tackles and getting blocked so he could run one in for a touchdown with seconds left on the clock. Kudos to Belvidere North. He and his family will always remember that."

The response from Keller's touchdown run had won over hearts in both Byron and Belvidere.

Penni Morrical Welte on Facebook said "I don't think any of us will ever forget this! We love you Ryan!"

Thomas Merrick also said, "Great stuff, life memories for ALL."

Congrats to both teams, the coaches, the fans and most of all, Ryan Keller.

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