Yesterday I checked my email inbox and read my update from Governor Andrew Cuomo on where we're at in New York State with the war on COVID-19, as it relates to restrictions being reduced or eliminated altogether on how we've been having to live our lives in public.

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As of yesterday, according to the Governor, New York State is ahead of other big states in the country when it comes to getting residents vaccinated against the coronavirus. In fact, at this point, 68.6% of adults have gotten at least their first dose of the vaccine. Cuomo says that in order to get the rest of the remaining COVID related restrictions removed, we need to reach a 70% vaccination rate here in NYS. We are so close!

For those who have not gotten the shot yet, there are a few amazing incentives from New York State. First of all, at certain state-run vaccination sites like SUNY Oneonta, you can get a free $20 New York State lottery scratch-off ticket for getting the vaccine with an opportunity to win up to $5 million. You have to be 18 or older to get the lottery ticket. There is a deadline on participating in that and it's June 11. So get your shot this week at SUNY Oneonta, currently accepting walks-ins to receive the Johnson & Johnson, single-dose vaccine.

The other great incentive targeted towards kids 12 to 17 years of age is that NYS is giving out a total of 50, full college scholarships (For any SUNY or CUNY university) for those kids who get vaccinated by July 7. Parents/guardians need to register for their child to be registered for the drawings which take place every Tuesday through this month with winners announced on Wednesdays. Let's just say, as a parent of a kid headed to college this fall and another one already in college, I am very happy to get my son in that drawing. You never know right?

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