This bridesmaid speech is going down as one of the most awkward in history.

User @browneyed_beautee originally posted the video on TikTok, where it went viral before the poster made their account private.

Now, the video has made its way to Twitter, where it's racked up over 400,000 views already.

When the woman in the video takes the mic to start her speech, it already starts on a bad foot when she seemingly can't remember how long she's known the bride.

"Hi, I'm Shannon, I've known Tracy for...oh god..." she pauses, and a voice off-camera fills in "Nine years?"

"I don't quite know Anthony [the groom] that well, but Tracy talks about you non-stop," Shannon continues.

She says, "She'd be like 'Oh, Anthony this, Anthony that,' and I'm like, 'I don't care,'" with a "fake" eye roll.

"Just kidding! Just. Kidding," she adds unconvincingly.

"You guys are so cute together," she says as she motions to a nonexistent tear rolling down her cheek and gives the couple a suspiciously sarcastic-looking pout.

She then switches gears, addressing the groom with, "You better take care of my girl, because if you don't, I know where you live" followed by awkward chuckles from the audience.

And then, most randomly, she turns to the crowd and says, "I'm not gonna be racist, guys, I'm just saying!"

"You guys are outstepping the stereotype and I love it," she tells the couple with another awkwardly-timed expression of empathy.

In the conclusion, she says, "You guys, I swear, I love Black people. You guys. Are. The. Best."

"My own daughter's great-aunt is like, the best woman," she shares, seemingly referring to said great-aunt also being Black.

"You guys are amazing, I love you," she whispers into the mic before one more pout and some applause.

"Lethal second hand embarrassment. White lady gives super cringe racist speech at her friend’s wedding," one person tweeted.

Some people even compared the woman to Amy Schumer, given her likeness to the comedian and the awkward energy that made it seem like a bad skit.

"If Amy Schumer don’t sit tf down. 'I’m not gonna be racist' then proceeds to say some incredibly racist s---. Wow," one Twitter user said.

Others called the video a "trainwreck" and "cringe alert."

Another person joked on Twitter, "Y'all got Amy Schumer trending because of this!!?!?"

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