Parents are wondering if they're in the wrong after admitting to spending their daughter's college tuition on a kitchen remodel.

On Reddit, the dad explained that his 20-year-old daughter decided to return to college after dropping out to pursue other options.

While this might sound like good news for most families, the problem is that the parents spent the money they had saved for their daughter's college tuition on a recent kitchen remodel.

"Our daughter is 20, and she recently decided to go back to college after taking a year off," the father explained, adding, "She dropped out of college a few months saying it wasn't for her."

"We adamantly advised against it," he continued.

"She ended up moving in with her boyfriend and started working in his family's restaurant business," he wrote.

The dad tells Reddit that he and his wife had saved roughly $30,000 for his daughter's tuition, but after she decided not to go to college, they leveraged the money to improve their home.

"Well, now my daughter has decided to go back to college because it didn't work out with her boyfriend, and she didn't like any of the jobs she had following that," the man explained.

The daughter is furious that her funds are gone.

The dad tells Reddit that they had warned her before moving in with her boyfriend that the funds would not be available if she didn't use the money for college.

"She thought we were bluffing and didn't actually mean it," he continued.

"I told her she needs to work part-time and go to a cheaper place like community college rather than a state school," explained the man, adding that he even offered to let her stay at their house "free of rent" so she could "just focus on paying for college."

Still, the daughter is livid and has ignored communication, causing stress for himself and his wife.

"Her mother has said maybe we can still help her financially, but we're nearing our retirement age and a little behind our retirement goals, so I don't want to take away from our savings just because my daughter made some bad choices," he explained.

The dad is now wondering if they have made the wrong decision.

His question sparked a debate in the Reddit comments section.

"This situation is harsh on your daughter, but NTA (not the a**hole)," one person wrote.

"NTA, she can find a way to fund her college. Part-time jobs, work-study, and student loans are always an option. She'll probably be quite motivated to pursue a path of study that will pay off in the end since she'll be paying for it herself. Nothing wrong with this in my opinion and personal experience," another commented.

"Why are we assuming that the daughter originally implied it was a permanent decision? I'm all for the NTA vote, but "taking a year off" is not the same as dropping out permanently," someone else said.

"She could have said that she wants to try something else and if her parents could hold on to the money for a year or something. Communication could have avoided this," another commented.


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