With the Binghamton School District being closed down for six weeks now due to the Coronavirus outbreak, students are taking their classes online like so many other schools  across the country.

But how many of those schools are taking gym classes while at home? Probably not too many.

Good Morning America posted a video on their Twitter account last week that featured a Physical Education teacher Melinda Ligeikis. According to Good Morning America, Ligeikis,  a physical education teacher at Binghamton High School, posts online videos for her students to stay active.

Her workout routines use household items so every child can take part in the exercises while safe at home. In the video that GMA posted, Ligeikis is seen using a broom, empty shoe boxes, and even a milk jug as a weight during her workouts.

And she's working hard to keep the videos entertaining for her students to. In one of the workouts, Ligeikis  is working out in her backyard wearing a straw Sombrero and a Hawaiian lei with a pink flamingo in the background, and a blanket that is positioned to look like water. It is believed she was using that back drop for a “spring break theme”.

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She posts a new workout video everyday so her students can keep active without getting bored during their stay at home quarantine.

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