If you watch the 'Are You Here' trailer expecting something similar to writer/director Matthew Weiner's 'Mad Men,' you're in for a bit of a surprise. Starring Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson and Amy Poehler, the film looks smaller, sillier and more straightforward than a typical episode of that acclaimed AMC series. Can Weiner pull off cinematic comedy as well as he can televised drama? We shall see.

Wilson stars as a TV weatherman who reconnects with his unstable childhood friend (played by Galifianakis) after his father dies. The two of them head home for the funeral and complications ensue, especially when Galifiankis inherits the family fortune instead of the far more reliable and mature sister (played by Poehler). Expect goofy comedy and touching life lessons.

'Are You Here' (which was once titled 'You Are Here') received mixed reviews out of film festivals and it's easy to see why from the trailer. The performers certainly seem game, but there's nothing here that looks particularly unique. In fact, the footage often feels more like a parody trailer of quirky indie movies than an actual trailer. Weiner claims the film was extensively re-edited since its premiere, so who knows? The final product could be better than the early reviews suggest. After all, we wouldn't expect anything less from the guy behind 'Mad Men.'

'Are You Here' arrives in theaters on August 22.

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