Although much of last night's SNL was fairly standard (albeit, very funny) stuff, there was one sketch where it felt like host Zach Galifiankis was allowed to run wild. The scene found the 'Hangover' star playing the host of a public access TV show about how to entertain guests in your home and...well...let's just say that you have to watch it.

The sketch should look familiar to anyone unfortunate enough to have watched public access television before. Galifianakis stands in his living room and awkwardly guides the viewer on how to prepare your home for guests, frequently stumbling over his lines, losing his temper and demanding that his cameraman edit out his frequent mistakes. When his guest (played by Keenan Thompson) arrives, Galifianakis insists that he'll be played by Jon Hamm in the final cut. It's an odd and hilarious scene that feels completely unlike SNL in every way.

But it's not over.

Later in the episode, we get to see the finished version of "Darrell's House,' which awkwardly edits around the various mistakes, adds additional shots and inserts Jon Hamm (!) through an awful splitscreen effect. The first half is funny enough, but the second half is the delayed punchline that you just have to see. Watch them both below.

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