It does our hearts good to see that Nirvana still translate to kids and still seems able to shock a few of them. In the above video, a bunch of teenagers watch a handful of Nirvana videos, many seeing the clips for the first time.

When the band's big breakout single 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' kicked things off, the most common response was, "Oh, I know this song." They presumably heard it through their dad's garage. They probably caught him moshing alone once or twice to it.

Reactions varied. A couple of girls thought Kurt Cobain looked just dreamy. Well, actually they said he was "attractive." But that sounds boring. One guy with obligatory hair in his eyes knew all the songs because he was a superfan, while another teen said she knew 'Heart-Shaped Box' because she is "pretty bomb at this on Guitar Hero."

Most of the kids seemed weirded out or confused by the video for 'Heart-Shaped Box.' That's no big surprise, since that video is and always will be f---ing weird. After 'Heart-Shaped Box,' they watched the relatively tame video for the 'MTV Unplugged' version of 'About a Boy.' Hair-in-his-eyes got a good chuckle from Dave Grohl's ponytail. To be fair, it's a pretty funny ponytail. And what about that black turtleneck?

Afterward, the kids discussed their impressions. One cluelessly merciless girl hurt us deeply by saying, "I actually like old music like that." When she was told that Nirvana was considered "grunge music," she said that they didn't look grungey, but they could cut their hair. What the hell has happened to kids today?

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