I admit that do enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning.  Would I spend $50 for a cup of coffee that promises to be smooth and bitter free?  Would you? What could be so special about this coffee that it costs so much?  Well, it is the process more than the coffee itself.

This extraordinary cup of joe is made by beans that are eaten by Thai elephants then removed from their dung about a day later.  Gross.  The elephants stomach acid breaks down the protein in the bean which results in a smoother coffee drink with no bitterness, called Black Ivory coffee.

This has become a popular brew among the wealthy.  Well, at $500 a pound, the wealthy are the only ones who can afford it.   When I decide to treat myself, I'll get a cup of coffee from an area shop, rather than brewing at home but I usually don't splurge more than $3.  But even if I had the money, I don't think elephant dung coffee would be on my list of "yummy treats".

The wonderful part of all of this is that this limited coffee is processed by rescued elephants and eight percent of the sales benefit the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.

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