One of Berkshire County's premier cultural events is the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

Since 1955, the Williamstown Theatre Festival has brought America’s finest actors, directors, designers, and playwrights to the Berkshires taking residency every summer at the '62 Center for Theatre & Dance on the Williams College Campus.

Each WTF (yes, really) season is designed to present unique opportunities for artists and audiences alike, revisiting classic plays with innovative productions while also developing and nurturing bold new plays and musicals.

While best known for acclaimed productions, WTF is also home to one of the nation’s top training and professional development programs for new generations of aspiring theatre artists and administrators. WTF was honored with the Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre in 2002 and the Commonwealth Award for Achievement in 2011.

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Because of its exceptional dedication to the craft, the festival has attracted many celebrities to its stages. Some at the beginning of what would turn into award-winning careers, and some already established who sought the opportunity to act on a prestigious level while enjoying a quiet summer in The Berkshires.

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