Most people don't think of a rainy day as being a good thing but when it comes to running a very challenging race, light rain can feel very refreshing and keep runners cooler. The Pit Run in Oneonta, held once again in-person yesterday after being virtual last year, drew over one thousand runners of all ages from seven states outside of New York with the race's 10k winner coming from California according to AllOTSEGO. Brian Reis, 32, who is originally from Cooperstown, came in first place for the men’s 10K with Michael Hamilton coming in second and Tom Slicer in third.

Brian Reise (Credit: Kevin Limiti, AllOTSEGO)

On the women's side, Sara Szollosy placed first in the 10k, with Lydia Dillon placing second and Maureen Sheehan placing third.

Proceeds from the races each year go to the Ricky J. Parisian Memorial Scholarship Foundation which benefits a graduating senior at Oneonta High School. The scholarship also helps to fund youth-oriented programs in the area.

Before the race began, Oneonta's Mayor Gary Herzig said to the gathering of spectators at the start line area, “I don’t think there’s anything that epitomizes Oneonta’s strength (more) than this event. Thank you for being here today.”

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Below are some photos from the event...

Pit Run runners who came from furthest distance, Los Altos Hills, CA: Jillian Yang and Steven Wade (TSM Oneonta)
John Brooks of Brooks House of BBQ (TSM Oneonta)
New York State Troopers (TSM Oneonta)
Volunteers from a college sorority (TSM Oneonta)
Pit Run participants (TSM Oneonta)

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