15 Otsego County children ages 9 through 12 are attending this week’s New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute’s Summer Camp, Camp Iroquois, in Penn Yan, NY according to the Otsego County Sheriff's Office. These are kids whose families are not able to afford to send them to camp or go on family vacations and therefore are chosen to attend Camp Iroquois for free.

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It's a great camp with all kinds of activities for campers while at the same time teaching kids how to be good citizens in their communities. Over 900 boys and girls from across New York State are attending this year's camp. Sadly last year, because of New York State COVID guidelines, the camp could not be held.

If you're wondering how children are chosen to attend this camp, it comes down to each County Sheriff getting a certain number of slots for kids attending, coupled with different methods of identifying children who are a match for what the camp stands for. Many times sheriff's work with social service organizations in their county to help identify children in need who would benefit from attending camp.

For any parent or guardian who believes their child would benefit from such an experience at this camp, you can reach out to your county sheriff's office to inquire about your child attending.

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