On May 22, 2019 Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond held a press conference honoring 14-year-old Rachel Trimbell of Walton, NY who was awarded the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office “Super Star” award.

Trimbell, an 8th grade student at Walton Central School was riding a Walton Central School bus on the afternoon of March 27, 2019 when she observed a kindergarten student choking on a piece of candy. Trimbell, who had just previous to the incident attended a 1st Aid and CPR refresher, quickly jumped into action effectively performing the Heimlich Maneuver on the student which ultimately saved the life of the young child.

Sheriff DuMond announced it’s a proud day for the Sheriff’s Office, for Rachel’s family, for her community and for Delaware County in proclaiming Trimbell as the very first recipient of the Sheriff’s “Super Star” award. He noted that when he read about Rachel’s feat, he felt that her quick and decisive action rose to the level of extraordinary. DuMond further advised that Rachel is an extraordinary young lady, who was able to rise above her own fear and perform a lifesaving technique which undoubtedly saved the life of a fellow student therefore, it is only befitting that this 1st award be given to Rachel.

Sheriff DuMond adds that he recently adopted a new program entitled The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Award Recognition Program which recognizes the extraordinary acts by both law enforcement officers and civilians during situations which, as seen by the public and by law enforcement require heroic acts of bravery and courage. The commendation and awards program of the Sheriff’s Office is meant to honor those individuals who show qualities that go above and beyond what should ordinarily be expected and are valiant in their effort to preserve life, liberty and property.

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