This California woman enjoyed a massive sense of empowerment after shocking her trashy ex when she hopped up on stage at a strip club and dumped him!

Missy Peterson was fed up with all the unfaithful things her previous boyfriend was doing. She told The Post that her previous man, "Matthew" admitted to frequenting strip clubs, getting lap dances, and then having sex with the women. Matthew promised her that he would avoid gentlemen’s lounges altogether, but she knew he was lying.

After Matthew began disappearing for several days at a time, Peterson attached a $100 GPS tracker to his car. She discovered that he had been visiting a local strip joint.

“When I saw that he was at a strip club, I grabbed a brown wig and the stripper shoes I keep in my closet, and went to the club,” she said.

A TikTok she posted about the incident has gained over 3.9 million views.

Equipped with a lacy pink thong and 7-inch platform heels mom of two Missy Peterson shocked her boyfriend of two years by hopping onstage and executing a sexy stunt.

“I got on stage in a bra and thong that one of the strippers gave me, walked up to him, and said, ‘Oh, you want a show? I’ll give you a show,’ ” Peterson, 40, told The Post. The seductive stunt earned this real estate agent $100 in tips.


Peterson had never been in a strip club before, but she wasn't going to let that scare her out of her mission. She sweet-talked her way past the bouncer and looked for workers to talk to. She explained her situation to some of the dancers and they said they were "more than happy" to help her bust her soon-to-be-ex.

“They were like, ‘Oh my God, you have to get onstage, it will be hilarious,’ ” Peterson recalled. Some of the women invited Missy backstage, where they gave her an outfit to wear, a 20-minute tutorial on how to work the stage, and a drink.

After Peterson took a swig of alcohol, it was showtime. A remixed Rihanna song boomed through the speakers and Missy strutted onto the stage.

“He was in absolute shock when he saw me. He was really pissed. But I didn’t care, I went to all the other guys, danced in front of them, and collected their money.”

She danced through one song, while keeping her sexy outfit on, then wrapped up her performance by flipping off her now ex-boyfriend.

“I said, ‘You’ll never see me again,’ flipped him off and left." She added that the club owners were so impressed with her confident performance that they offered her a job, which she politely declined.

“I felt great. I think it was a genius way to end things,” she said. Since that night, her ex has been calling her “10 times a day from blocked numbers” in an attempt to reconcile.

“It felt so good to get that ‘women supporting women’ help from the professional dancers,” Peterson concluded.

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