You've watched the Netflix documentary "Tiger King" and maybe you thought to your self, "Yeah, that looks like the life for me. I have a mullet, several tattooed boyfriends and husbands, a love for wildlife and a hatred for Carole Baskin."

Well, this is your opportunity to like the "Tiger King" lifestyle right here in upstate New York. The historic Old Catskill Game Farm & the Extraordinary Long Neck Inn if for sale with over 200 acres of private zoo you can fill with tigers until your heart's content. (You'll have to check with local regulations on tiger ownership)

You might remember going to the Old Catskill Game Farm when it was an operating zoo, but now it's been transformed into a B&B of sorts. You can actually sleep in the building that used to house the giraffes.

The price for your own Joe Exotic playground is just under $2 million. Check out the listing on Zillow. 

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