It has been said that you can't judge a book by  it's cover but apparently you can judge a person by their shoes.  Researchers at the University of Kansas conducted a study that was published online  in the August 2012 edition of the Journal of Research in Personality, that proved just that.  Participants  were asked to look at photographs of 208 pairs of shoes then answer questions about the shoe owner's personality traits, gender, age, income, and political affiliation.  The participants correctly guessed 90%  of these characteristics by examining the style, cost, and condition of the shoes.  Pretty crazy.  So what do the shoes in the picture say?  Don't worry, they aren't mine.  How about your shoes?  Do they represent you?

Some results are obvious, such as bright colored, flashy shoes belong to extroverts and shoes that were neat and well kept belonged to conscientious folks.  I didn't know that ankle boots fit those with more aggressive personalities.