Now that the big game is behind us and Mahomes officially took home his second ring, many of us are stuck with leftover wings, beer, queso, and more. So, here’s what you can do with those leftovers to give them some new life.


Everyone enjoys some wings along with the big game, and if you have leftovers it might not sound appealing to just reheat them over and over. Thankfully, there are some great options that can give these wings some new life. You can make a buffalo chicken dip, chicken soup, chicken salad, chicken wraps, and more.


While reheating a bowl of queso to snack on with chips is always a good time, there are other ways you can repurpose the classic dip. You can make chilaquiles (throw some leftover meat from the wings in there to), queso chicken, chile con queso pasta bake, and more.


If you aren’t much of a beer drinker but have some leftover from your friends that are, fortunately there are some good recipes out there to help you repurpose the adult beverages. You can make beer cheese, beer bread, beer-braised chicken, and beer pretzels to go with the beer cheese.

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These are just a few ideas of what you can do with common leftovers from the big game, but there are plenty of other options out there. Whether you have leftover mac and cheese, potato skins, or pasta salad, there are so many ways to get creative and make something new out of those leftovers.

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