Butter boards are the new charcuterie board — at least according to TikTok.

Popularized by TikTok user and "recipe developer" @justine_snacks, a.k.a. Justine Doiron, butter boards went viral after she shared a video showcasing her take on the butter board, initially created by chef Josh McFadden.

Apparently, this charcuterie alternative involves spreading softened butter on a cutting board or plate, and then adding toppings to level it up.

In her video, Doiron adds salt, lemon zest, herbs, edible flowers and honey before dipping into the mix with a slice of warm bread.

"I can't wait to spend $16 on this at a restaurant in 6 months," one commenter joked.

The new food fad is meant to be an appetizer dish served to a group of people or used as a party dish.

Now that Doiron's video has over 8 million views, other creators and chefs have hopped on the trend to create their own variations.

In another viral TikTok, @aasiyaskitchen shared her take on the trend with a "desi chaat board" featuring chickpeas, sweetened yogurt, tamarind chutney, veggies and more.

The new foodie fad has blown up with variations such as blueberry lemon, flowers and jams and just about everything from sweet to savory.

Another creator put a Middle Eastern twist on the trend by making a "labneh board" with olives, mint, olive oil and hot pita for dipping.

Some viewers, however, are concerned about dipping bread straight into the butter boards.

"I was not expecting this to blow up but YOU CAN USE A KNIFE JUST LIKE A CHEESEBOARD CALM YOURSELVES," Doiron advised in a comment on her original viral video.

Still, others have likened the trend to early 2020 quarantine culinary crazes such as making sourdough starters and whipped coffee.

"The pretty butter boards give me Midsommar vibes, and personally, I love that and will eat them all," one person tweeted.

The hashtag #ButterBoard currently has over 188,000 views on TikTok.

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