A renewable energy company based near Rochester has their eye on land in West Laurens to develop a 3,000-acre solar farm to feed power to New York City via the Marcy Power Line.  According to AllOTSEGO, Storke LLC land agents have been offering $1,000 per acre to landowners to lease their land in the West Laurens area. The solar power would end up in the nearby Marcy South 765Kv line (above) to be transported for use to New York City.

The project may move forward if enough West Laurens area residents agree to the solar farm.  According to one West Laurens landowner and member of the Laurens Board of Assessment Review, Bill Martin, who has signed an agreement to lease 240 acres to Storke LLC, “This would be a chance for landowners to make some money to put in their pocket." Martin also stated that Storke, needs commitment on 80 percent of 3,000 acres before it can move forward. “The last I’d heard is that, of the 3,000 acres, they had 2,100,” he said.

Will West Laurens become home to one of the largest solar farms in the state? It will need approval from a siting board under New York State's Article 10 permitting process. According to Danny Lapin, D-Oneonta, the siting board would be comprised of the heads of the DEC, the state Health Department, NYSERDA and Economic Development, plus two West Laurens residents.

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