One of the hardest things for me during this Coronavirus pandemic is knowing that my grandparents are cooped up in their home thousands of miles away. My grandparents have never been good at staying still. They're always on the go and this season of being still has got to be harder on them than they let on.

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Both of my grandparents have birthdays coming up and outside of the time my grandfather spent in the Navy, their birthdays will be much different this year than in years past. Some people think that birthdays are just like any other day, but in my family, they're a big deal. In my family, birthdays are meant to be celebrated. Birthdays are a time of showering love and gifts and appreciation on the person celebrating another year of being on this earth.

I would like to think that on the days my grandparents celebrate their respective birthdays that one of my family members will stand outside their house with balloons and sing to them and maybe slide a cake or gift or both to them across the driveway. If not, maybe someone from their community will find a way to make their day. Someone like Albert Jones.

Jones is a utility worker in Florida and while on the job he was singing. The daughter of a woman in a nursing home facility across the street from where the work was taking place heard the beautiful song and asked Jones if he would be willing to sing 'Happy Birthday' to her mom, who was celebrating her 94th birthday. Jones, said yes, and this beautiful thing is what happened next.

In a followup video posted to social media by Sarah Ditmars Cahill, the world learned more about Jones who sings in a choir, volunteers in a nursing home ministry, and works as a utility worker. His attitude and positivity are infectious. Watch his video here.

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