A viral TikTok video that shows restaurant-goers asking their server to play a Russian roulette-style game to determine the amount of her tip has the internet divided.

In the viral clip posted by @katizahlee and watched by 2.5 million so far, we see the customers ask their server to turn away from their table as they place several bills down and explain that the money ranges from a few dollars to $50.

With her hands behind her as she faces away from the table, the waitress is to choose the bill she will ultimately keep as her tip, without being able to see it first.

The server agrees to play along with the family's table antics and thankfully scores the biggest payout: $50.

"Really? Are you serious? I love you guys! Thank you so much," the server says, seemingly unfazed by the unusual game.

Watch below:

While the clip appears lighthearted, many who watched the video — which has garnered 5,400 comments and counting — found it demeaning.

Comments left on the TikTok video criticized the customers for potentially embarrassing their server, instead of just giving her a fairly-earned tip for excellent service.

"This is kinda humiliating," one TikTok commenter who claimed to be a restaurant server wrote.

Though the server in the viral video seemed to be unbothered by playing the game, others who commented shared their hope that these types of controversial tip games won't become normalized in the service industry.

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