Remember The Singing Dogs? It was a band made up of dogs, and all the songs were spliced-together dog barks. The group's Christmas song, "Jingle Bells," hit the top of Billboard's Christmas singles chart in 1972.

But don't be fooled—The Singing Dogs' Christmas album is far from the quirkiest piece of holiday music out there. Many famous musicians have released some pretty unique versions of holiday songs. Sufjan Stevens took it to another level and released 100 songs in two installments six years apart. Afroman has a quirky Christmas album with lyrics tailored to his image and some of his favorite pastimes. Even Arcade Fire put together a secret DIY Christmas album.

Stacker dug into the recesses of Christmas or holiday-themed albums to find the best of the best. These 15 unconventional holiday albums stand out as both cultural and musical anomalies in their addition to the much-beloved sub-genre of music.

These original albums represent some of the quirkiest, weirdest, and most unique holiday songs out there. And at least one of them is X-rated. To compile this slideshow, Stacker didn't look at singles; just LPs and EPs were considered.

Unconventional Christmas Albums

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