Tiny Unadilla stays in the history books for having completed their 70th annual Flag Day parade, the longest consecutive parade held on Flag Day in the US.

Small town at its best.  It seemed like half the little village was in the parade in one way or another.  A thousand people lined the street.  Everybody waving an American Flag supplied by a local realtor, Country Squire Real Estate.

Not much to see really, just a lot of community spirit on hand to share with everybody.  A typical small town celebration.  Lots of fire trucks from other towns coming over to join in.  Lots of local politicians, like NYS Senator Pete Oberacker and NYS Assemblyman Joe Angelino.  Both looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

Boys scouts?  Sure, Unadilla is home to Boy Scout Troop #1 after all.  Sports teams, dump trucks, jeeps, monster tow trucks, doodlebugs (it is a thing here), firemen, lots of fireman.  And so much more.

Not much to see really.  But if you look real hard you can see America on display in this little village parade.

Take a look.





Congratulations to Unadilla, N.Y....."The Village Beautiful"

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