How would you feel if you heard the voice of famed comedic character Madea while getting it on?

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Tyler Perry sat down for a lie detector test when he made a big TMI reveal about his love life: he sometimes busts out his Madea voice during sexy time.

"Do you ever accidentally use the Madea voice in conversation?" the host questioned.

“Never — um, no,” Perry said while he cleared his throat. The needles on the lie detector spiked drastically.

"Sometimes. Once. On occasion — okay, during sex. Like hellur!" he continued.

Perry then broke into Madea's version of “Hello” by Adele.

Social media was divided on his statement. Some believed it was a joke because, after all, Perry is a comedian, while others thought he was being serious since the lie detector machine makes it difficult to lie.

"Tyler Perry admittedly saying he switches to the Madea voice during sex has ruined everything for me… my night, my week, my month, etc.," one user tweeted.

Another added, "Tyler Perry using the Madea voice during sex is something I was better off not knowing."

But Perry had a second viral moment in the interview when he pulled a Keke Palmer (i.e. "I have no idea who this man is, sorry to this man").

Perry claimed he didn't know Star Wars director J.J. Abrams, who he openly admires and also worked with when he acted in the Star Trek franchise. When the interviewer asked if Perry's work is better than Abrams', Perry doubled down on his sarcasm by mispronouncing the director's name.

Watch Tyler Perry take his lie detector test, below.

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