The duo Twenty One Pilots broke the mold back in 2015 and they are back and ready to do it all over again.

The band actually formed in 2009 and originally had three members and now only consists of Tyler Joseph on vocals and Josh Dun as the drummer.

I got to hang out with these guys once, and they are really just chill, laid-back dudes who like to have fun while on the road. If you listen to their songs you can't deny these guys are writing about their experience and feelings. The songs are relatable to so many.

Twenty One Pilots last released music last summer and didn't have any releases planned for this year until Joseph's mom convinced him to release their latest single called "Level of Concern" because of the current pandemic.

A portion of the proceeds from the song to an organization called Crew Nation, an organization for live music crews who aren't able to be touring right now and therefore not able to work or make any money for their families.

Check out their pretty timely "Level of Concern:"

What do you think? Are these two bringing us another relatable song that you could hear on the Fun 107 playlist? Does the song strike a chord with you and how you have been feeling during this pandemic?

Is this song wicked good or totally whack?

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