I haven't been married long, but I can tell you that dates with my husband are awesome. For as long as I've known him, I remember every single date we've been on. However, I'm not quite sure how I would've reacted if this was the scenario instead.

There's a new dating trend that's going viral on TikTok and New Yorkers are hopping along for the ride, literally.

According to the New York Post, people are renting U-Haul trucks, and are hanging out in the back of it. Talking. Watching movies. Eating dinner. Maybe doing something that's a little less innocent.

There's a reason why they're doing this: 1) it's super unconventional and 2) it's actually decently cheap. Depending on the U-Haul you chooses to rent, and depending on how far you drive, it could be as low as $20 for the time period you are renting it for.

Meet Jessica Johnston, 29, and husband Dom Rand, 34 from Dunkirk, New York. For their one year anniversary, they rented a U-Haul and went tailgating at their local drive-in movie theater. They got snacks, had an inflatable mattress in the back, and enjoyed themselves.

This trend is quite literally happening all over the country. The New York Post talked to Diana Del Muro of California and her boyfriend, Blain Haskin. They had a date in the back of a U-Haul. He pulled up to her Fresno home in that clunky box truck and told her to hop in for a surprise back in August 2020.

Due to heightened COVID concerns at the time, they weren’t comfortable celebrating at a fancy restaurant or flying out of town for a weekend getaway. So, he planned this instead.


Little did she know that Haskin had transformed the unembellished interior of the 5,700-pound semi into a fantasy suite, complete with a comfy futon bed, LED candles, flowers, wine and trays of their favorite sushi rolls.

How would you feel if your partner pulled up and said "welcome to our date" and it's in a UHaul? I don't know, I see how it can be sweet...but...what?

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