What do you get when you combine Pringles cans, ping pong balls and a bunch of dudes with cameras? An amazing collection of ping pong trick shots.

The guys from Dude Perfect have raided their local market and grabbed all of the Pringles cans and mini backboards that they could carry, as well as an arsenal of ping pong balls in order to make this impressive video. In the video above, you'll see a compilation of increasingly difficult ping pong trick shots, all of which require lots of practice, lots of luck and hopefully zero breezes.

These tricks have names like "Cheddary Cheese Chipper," "Hair Dryer Floater Shot," "No-Looker Pringles Pyramid Shot" and "The Sky Ball." All of them have varying amounts of complexity and often make use of a Pringles can in some form or another. In fact, there are quite a few trick shots that require a bigger ball and a bigger Pringles can to match. Luckily, they have Mr. P, the Pringles mascot, to assist them with the making of the video.

Watch the video above and let us know which tricks are your favorite. At the end of it, the Dude Perfect guys tell you that you can head to Wal-Mart to pick up your own Pringles cans and mini backboards. Maybe you can start making your own cool videos featuring ping pong trick shots, or you could even create a big Rube Goldberg machine like the one they had in the beginning of the video!

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