New Yorkers crack open a number of different beers every day. Some, however, are enjoyed more than others.

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The taste of the New York state beer drinker is very vast, and very diverse. Some beers, of course, are frequented more than others, and that's where the website, RateBeer, comes from. RateBeer takes reviews from beer-drinkers in each state, and compiles the data into rankings, with the final product being a ranked list of the "best" beers available in New York state.

Now, keep in mind, ranked lists of the "best" things are always subjective, so if you feel a beer has been left of the list, don't worry, you're not alone. Heck, I even agree.

That being said, the list itself does cover a wide variety of flavors and levels of hops. Certain beers on the list are considered stouts, and are aged in bourbon and have a thicker and sweeter finish when consumed. Others are more traditional IPAs, with hops as far as the eye can see, and finishes that are either lighter, or more bitter.

Meanwhile, there are also some that come from overseas, hailing from breweries in Belgium and beyond. These are traditionally more sour, involving flavors like sour cherry to create a taste truly unique to the brand.

With that being said, here are the ten beers that are considered the "best available" in New York state right now, as compiled and ranked by the beer rankings website, RateBeer.

Which beer was left off of the list, in your mind?

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